Flowers baby

We all love them. They can be a reminder, they can be sad, they can be for celebration, they can be for comfort and they can be for scent and colour. They are for the Queens and Kings of humanity.


11 years ago I ventured into the world of inks. What can be achieved from this little coloured bottle is amazing. Opaque or transparent…… it is the stuff of dreams. On 4 meter linen canvases I’ve created magic with a wow factor for many beautiful homes in Australia, Japan, Italy, London and New York. Some I paint on silver, copper or gold leaf…leach inch is purposefully poured to mix the colours for major effect. I create because I love to, my soul goes into each and every piece of art.

Crazy owls

Loving these babies. Created after a fabulous party with beautiful friends in Flinders, Victoria. I produced twenty in this series, all sold immediately….so I added a few parrots, a hippo, an elephant, dogs and cats…..sold out again. Sometimes it’s uplifting to give people cray art, something to find each time you look at a piece, colour to bring soul and life to a home. Colour equals laughter, happiness, that’s all that matters. So hoot hoot to my animal collection. ❤️